The fashion industry has developed a dangerous system of production with its rise in popularity and it is having a detrimental effect on the people who are at the bottom of it. Every time we get dressed, we become part of one of the world’s most polluting industries that is killing the planet and the […]

Analyse how language features were used to show the negative and/or positive sides of one or more characters In the film “A Beautiful Mind” directed by Ron Howard symbolism was used to show the reader more about the character John Nash played by Russel Crowe. Nash had created 3 delusional characters, each a projection of […]

Marcee (Charles Herman’s niece)   The Princeton Library The delusional character, Charles Herman, first mentions Marcee when John has been in the Princeton Library for “two days” and he is becoming progressively frustrated at his inability to find an “original idea” for his Mathematics thesis.   John says: “In competitive behavior, someone always loses.” Charles […]

William Parcher List significant details of William Parcher Mysterious Works for the Ministry of Defense Superior (low angle shot) Suit Hat (Hiding his face, not there to be polite) Serious MysteriousLooks like a secret service agentSuperior – shown in  a low angle shot Lighting behind him What is John doing when we first see Parcher? He […]

Significant details about Charles Herman Scene: Johns meets Charles for the first time -Hungover -Skinny, quite tall -English major -Intrusive person -Bombastic -Dishevelled -Insightful into Johns personality -People person -Extroverted -Joker -Says it as it is -Sarcastic -Honest -Teaches John very revealing things about himself that John didn’t like to think of but knows they […]

“Mother and Daughter”   The purpose of this piece was to describe the inner dialogue and experiences and a mother and daughter, showing their perspectives on their lives and their thoughts and previous actions in relation to the daughter’s predicament. The daughter tells the story of her childhood and growing up overweight, describing the times […]

May I ask you to close your eyes. Imagine you are 3 floors above the busy streets below. You and everyone else will stay in this room for the next 10 hours, and are allowed two bathroom breaks. The desks in front of you are industrial sewing machines, where your bag sits is now your […]

Analyse how the use of “opposites” or contrasts helped you understand one or more themes in the written text(s).   ESSAY: Opposites are used in literature to emphasise key characteristics characters have by deliberately choosing two personalities, actions or situations which contrast each other.  In the text “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee describes the […]

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